Anna Sue Falls Adept who Moves like a Cat, Human (Daniela)
Dion Celeste Jovial Adept (Crafter) who fuses Mind and Machine with Tech Flavor, Human (Daniel)
Yue Paris Impulsive Adept who looks for Trouble with Skills & Knowledge Flavor, Human (Mareike)
Atius Tirawa Nehimane “Ghost” Mystical adept who solves mysteries with Skill & Knowledge Flavor, Gor (Phil)

Antarro Karresh Skeptikal Explorer who Conducts Weird Science with Skills & Knowledge Flavor, Haryani (Frederick)
Lim Yun Spiritual Explorer who builds Robots with Tech Flavor, Human (Urmel)
Proxy-8 Weird explorer who solves mysteries with magic flavor. Synth (Bernie)

Caleb Bell Charming Speaker who Needs no Weapons with Combat Flavor, Human (Eddy)
Smummb Melone Brash Speaker who Interprets the Law with Skills & Knowledge Flavor, Yol (Haaga)

Leroy Jethrow Gibbs Creative Warrior who conducts Weird Science with Knowledge & Skills Flavor, Human (Chris)
Lubjana Swift Warrior who Moves like a Cat with Stealth Flavor, Human (Markus)
Nerez Warrior, Gor (NPC)


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